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Staying Ahead of Accounting Trends with QuickBooks Hosting

Friday, March 30th, 2012 at 2:16 pm  |  Posted under Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, Quickbooks Hosting

In his recent blog post about the coming shifts in the accounting world, Doug Sleeter of The Sleeter Group cited four important changes that he sees close on the horizon: chunkification, the (near) elimination of manual data entry, increased collaboration with clients, and increased mobile device usage.

Sleeter went on to break down why and how these areas are becoming so important to CPAs—the fact that clients increasingly need more flexible, industry-specific solutions, for example, and that the data centralization made possible by cloud computing improves CPA-client collaboration (and, by extension, work flow).

Reading this post, it was impossible to not connect the dots between the four trends mentioned above and the QuickBooks hosting services we offer here at NovelASPect. Application hosting not only ties in smoothly with these evolutions, it helps makes sense of them. For instance: One of the short-term stumbling blocks Sleeter discussed in his post is the difficulty some CPAs will have with figuring out how to fit together the various business processes that will emerge as chunkification increases. (If you’re not familiar with the term, “chunkification,” it refers to large business management systems being broken down into smaller parts to allow for greater specificity and flexibility.)

This point is spot-on; after all, the more pieces of the puzzle there are, the harder it is to assemble them. However, NovelASPect’s application hosting services offer the perfect solution to the problems posed by chunkification: we provide all of the parts in one place. When it comes to QuickBooks, for example, the numerous add-ons we make available dramatically expand the extent of what you can accomplish—and it’s always clear which processes are compatible with one another. Furthermore, the fact that they’re available as stand-alone options means that you only pay for what you’re using, and you can scale your use up and down as needed.

Just as this greater integration of systems will help CPAs surmount the obstacles posed by chunkification, it will also help them to reduce the energy spent on data entry; and, of course, the anytime, anywhere access made possible by data centralization facilitates mobility and client collaboration.

As the landscape around us continues to grow and change, it’s crucial to keep evolving along with it. By assimilating the tools of tomorrow into one flexible, manipulable system, NovelASPect makes this possible.

To read the blog referenced above, go here.


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