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QuickBooks Hosting

Grow your Business with Access to QuickBooks in the Cloud from anywhere with any device.

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QuickBooks Hosting: Features, Benefits, and Pricing

NovelASPect is trusted by small businesses and accountants worldwide as an industry leader for Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud.  Your small business or accounting firm will have simplified remote access to our QuickBooks Cloud at the lowest cost and highest security offered by any of the national Citrix QuickBooks Hosting companies.

Compatible with most operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Android
2 level authentication process, 128 bit encryption, and timeouts ensure top notch data security
Save time and money – lower expenses from unnecessary commuting, and new hardware
Intuit Authorized Commercial Host and Partner in US and Canada
No setup or hidden fees – we operate month-to-month with competitive prices
Complete access anywhere anytime with easy remote access via our Citrix QuickBooks Cloud
We manage disaster recovery and backup your data nightly so you don’t have to worry
8+ years of experience in security and reliability
Citrix Hosting (not Remote Desktop/Terminal Services) world class infrastructure and reliability
Multi-user access for simultaneous access from different locations
Data is securely stored on our servers – no need to worry about lost or stolen laptops or servers
Free 24/7 U.S. based technical support – 365 days of the year


OPTION 1: QuickBooks Hosting Only: Provide Your Own Software License

Quickbooks Hosting Page User pricing

NovelASPect charges users on a monthly basis, with no long term contract and no setup or hidden fees.



OPTION 2: QuickBooks Hosting Plus Software Lease: We provide the Software License

Quickbooks Lease Hosting Pricing

NovelASPect can also rent QuickBooks for customers who don’t have their own copy.
NovelASPect charges users on a monthly basis, with no long term contract and no setup or hidden fees.


With leases, we handle free upgrades so you can choose the latest version of QuickBooks to use. Every year Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks, we’ll move your lease over to the new version at no extra charge. 

We are pleased to announce  we will be offering QuickBooks Enterprise for lease effective August 1, 2013. A low monthly per user fee includes both hosting and software fees.  The Advanced Inventory add-on feature will also be made available to customers needing this feature.

OPTION 3: QuickBooks Hosting Plus Rent To Own – Ideal for Accountants

QuickBooks Hosting plusRent to Own

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Curious to Know More? Want to see what our environment looks like?

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Cloud QuickBooks looks, works, and feels just like your desktop version


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QuickBooks Hosting: Advantages of NovelASPect QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks on NovelASPect’s QuickBooks Cloud can reduce your expenses and increase your productivity. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime, or on-the-go, with a single source for all of your data allows you to:

Additionally, for CPAs, QuickBooks hosting allows:

NovelASPect also allows for flexibility in choosing the right package for you:

QuickBooks hosting solutions vary greatly. Below are some frequently asked questions about the difference between using NovelASPect’s QuickBooks Hosting, QuickBooks Online Edition, and other remote access solutions. You can also visit our QuickBooks Canada Hosting page to learn about our hosted QuickBooks Canada services.

Hosted QuickBooks Vs QuickBooks Online

Accessing QuickBooks remotely can be accomplished using either QuickBooks Hosting or QuickBooks Online. Some of the key differences of QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise include:

FAQ about QuickBooks Hosting

Q: Isn’t there a remote access feature already built into QuickBooks?

Only QuickBooks Premier offers a remote access feature.  However, even with this service, only one user at a time may take control over one remote computer.  A user must be physically present at each computer to set up a session—ideal for training demos or financial presentations, but unsatisfactory for telecommuting or outsourced bookkeeping.

Q: I know QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer the full features of QuickBooks, but aren’t web plug-ins available for the missing features?

While some of the missing features are available through plug-ins, many are not.

Q: With NovelASPect’s QuickBooks Hosting, what are the differences in my remote and local QuickBooks access?

None!  Because your QuickBooks is hosted on our secure server, you are using the same version of QuickBooks no matter where you login.  You are accessing QuickBooks over the internet and running QuickBooks on NovelASPect’s private cloud.

Q: With NovelASPect’s QuickBooks Hosting, can I still get a physical copy of my files?

Yes.  You can download your company file anytime to create a backup copy on your local computer.  QuickBooks Online does not offer this service.

Q: How does hosting QuickBooks simplify PC maintenance?

In short, QuickBooks Hosting removes the need to install or run QuickBooks on your PC.  You run your software via a web-browser.  NovelASPect manages all software maintenance and upgrades, automatically.

Q: NovelASPect offers Citrix Hosting.  What are the differences between QuickBooks Web Hosting with Citrix and Terminal Services Hosting?

Remote access for QuickBooks with Citrix Hosting is significantly faster than running QuickBooks in terminal services environments.  Studies show that Citrix operates three to four times faster than Microsoft Terminal Services and uses about 73% less bandwidth.  Citrix hosted applications work and appear as local applications with an icon on your desktop.  Microsoft Terminal Services demand that you log on to a remote desktop—amounting to three or four mouse clicks before you are able to access your application.  Terminal Services’ performance speed is affected by factors outside of your company’s control, such as Microsoft network latency.

Citrix offers additional advantages not available with Microsoft Terminal Services.  When faced with slow Internet speeds, such as a dial-up connection, Terminal Services will not work.  While Citrix supports many operating systems, such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Java, Unix, IBM OS/2 and DOS Clients, Terminal Services supports only Windows Clients.  Citrix supports high-resolution graphics; Terminal Services graphics are typically grainy, with delayed access.  Citrix offers flawless printing—you’ll only see your own company’s printers, whereas with Terminal Services environments, you’ll see a pool of different printers from various Terminal Services’ clients.

Q: Can the NovelASPect QuickBooks Cloud be accessed with a MAC?

NovelASPect is one of the few Citrix hosting providers that allows MAC users to access the Windows version of QuickBooks from a native Windows environment. Our QuickBooks Cloud allows users to access company files from Windows systems with Mac computers!  In fact, any operating system can be used to access your company file through Citrix.

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